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About HUDA

Before the creation of HUDA, the Urban Estates Department (U.E.D.) which was established in the year 1962, used to look after the work relating to planned development of urban areas and it functioned under the aegis of the Town & Country Planning Department. Its functioning was regulated by the Punjab Urban Estates Development and Regulations Act, 1964 and the rules made there under and the various development activities used to be carried out by different departments of the State Government such as PWD (B & R), Public Health, Haryana State Electricity Board etc. With the passage of time, it was experienced that the involvement of several agencies in the development of Urban Estates at various places was suffering from lack of coordination, with the result that growth of most of Urban Estates slowed down and caused unnecessary dis-satisfaction to the plot-holders in particular and public in general. Read More...


The functions of Haryana Urban Development Authority are :-

  • To promote and secure development of urban areas in a systematic and planned way with the power to acquire sell and dispose off property, both movable and immovable.
  • Use this so acquired land for residential, industrial, recreational and commercial purpose.
  •  To make available developed land to Haryana Housing Board and other bodies for providing houses to economically weaker sections of the society, and
  •  To undertake building works.